We specialize in sourcing the highest quality products and raw materials from around the globe, for Australasian businesses.

What do we do.

Expert Product Sourcing.

At Trade Dawg, we boast a diverse team spanning major countries, equipped with the expertise to procure top-tier products and materials. Once we gather all relevant product specifications from our clients, our team embarks on a mission to locate and then trade the materials directly to businesses.

Execute import and export for businesses.

With trade licences in key regions, we streamline the import and export process for businesses. Let us handle the complexities of international trade while you focus on your core operations. From executing trades to ensuring prompt import, we take care of it all.

Core Values.

Best quality

For us, quality is non-negotiable. We deal in products that meet the highest standards, ensuring utmost satisfaction for our clients.

100% transparency

From order placement to delivery, we believe in keeping our clients informed at every stage of the process.

Ethical Sourcing

We adhere strictly refrain from engaging in any form of unethical transactions or trades, including the use of child labor.

Eco Friendly

Our commitment to sustainability guides us in minimizing our environmental footprint throughout the supply chain.

We hunt and import the best quality products and raw materials for Australasian businesses.

We put in all the effort to find what best suits your business. You as a business owner do not need to worry about sourcing any material after you hire us.

How do we operate and work.

We understand the business and it needs. We examine what materials the business is using currently, and then we go about searching how can we arrange a better quality material.

Product hunts

Who Are Our Customers?

Businesses Seeking Quality Materials

If you are a business, who does not have enough sources or connections to find materials, and wants someone to go and find some materials or raw materials for their business, Trade Dawg is their place to go.

Businesses in Need of Import Export Services

If you’ve already identified a reliable source for your products and require assistance with the import process, look no further. Trade Dawg seamlessly facilitates the import and transportation of your orders, ensuring hassle-free transactions.

Contact Us

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Whether you’re in need of industrial materials, machinery, consumer goods, or any other product, our diverse team is equipped to locate and procure it for you. From niche specialties to mainstream commodities, we ensure that the products we source meet your specific requirements and quality standards.

The timeframe for sourcing products and delivering samples for order confirmation can vary depending on several factors, including the complexity of the product, availability, and geographical location. However, at Trade Dawg, we prioritize efficiency and aim to expedite the process as much as possible.

Our pricing is tailored to the individual needs of each client and is influenced by factors such as the type of product, quantity, sourcing complexity, and any additional services required. We strive to offer competitive rates while maintaining the highest quality standards

Trade Dawg conducts trade operations globally, sourcing products and materials from a wide range of countries to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our extensive network and trade licenses enable us to facilitate import and export transactions seamlessly across key regions worldwide.